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Terms of contract

  • 1 Rental item

1.2 The rental item is a vehiclePlease refer to the individual selection, online reservation and/or rental agreement for details and vehicle data

1.2 The motor vehicle has the following equipment:A warning triangle, first aid kit, parking disc, ice scraper and operating instructions are located in the vehicle. There are also 2 chargers (Type 2 and Schuko socket.)

1.3 The vehicle will be handed over with a full tank/battery.

1.4 The following insurance policies exist for the vehicle: Fully comprehensive insurance with a deductible of 2500 euros. There are separate insurance policies that the tenant should take out to cover the excess.It is strongly recommended that you take out this insurance. Bookings can be made, for example, using the following link:


  • 2 Condition of the vehicle

2.1  The landlord hands over the vehicle to the tenant in a technically perfect, usable and roadworthy condition. The vehicle is professionally cleaned inside and out.

2.2  The condition of the vehicle results from the handover protocol to be created when the vehicle is handed over. The protocol becomes part of this contract.



  • 3 Renter

The renter is entitled to drive the vehicle during the agreed rental period and provides his or her personal and driving license details truthfully. They are in the online reservation data and in the contract


  • 4 Handover, rental period

The details of the rental can be found in the online reservation data and in the contract

4.1  The following is agreed regarding the handover and rental period:The renter picks up the vehicle (in building 1402, 55483 Hahn Airport) and brings it back there.

4.2  The rental agreement begins when the vehicle is picked up and ends when it is returned. Please refer to the online reservation and the contract for the handover details.



  • 5 Rent, Deposit

5.1  The fees are:1x fixed amount per rental €50 grossRental price per day €40 grossThe rental agreement includes fully comprehensive insurance with a deductible of €2,500

5.2  The rental payment is due when the vehicle is picked upPayment is made in cash or by bank transfer via Paypal or by card payment.The bank account is:

IBAN: DE 53 5605 1790 0013 0264 30

5.3  Deposit
The deposit is €300 without additional insurance to cover the deductible.If you take out additional insurance, the deposit is waived.Additional insurance is strongly recommended and can be taken out, for example: 5.4  The tenant bears the costs for fuel and engine oil as well as the costs for other supplies and operating supplies that arise during the rental period.If the fuel tank/battery is partially empty when it is returned, it will be refilled by the rental company. The renter bears the costs for fuel/energy and operating supplies used; they will be invoiced after the vehicle is returned in the amount of the actual consumption.



  • 6 Obligations of the tenant, use of the vehicle

6.1  The renter may not hand over the vehicle to third parties unless the landlord gives his prior written consent.

6.2  The renter undertakes to treat the vehicle carefully and conscientiously.This means in particular that he may only park the vehicle in secured garages.If the indicator lights in the vehicle signal a problem, the renter must act in accordance with the instructions in the vehicle operating instructions.If the rental is for a longer period (more than a week), he undertakes to check the oil level and tire pressure and, if necessary, to take the necessary measures in compliance with the data listed in the vehicle registration document. The renter is not allowed to make any technical changes to the vehicle. The work required under §7.1 is excluded.The renter may not alter the appearance of the vehicle, in particular not by painting, stickers or adhesive films.

6.3  The renter may only use the vehicle within the geographical borders of Europe and in non-European areas that are part of the European Union (EU).Outside these limits, there is no insurance coverage in motor vehicle insurance (particularly fully comprehensive coverage).If the renter wishes to use the vehicle in other countries and territories, the rental company’s prior written consent is required.

6.4  The renter is obliged to protect the vehicle from overuse in every way.Use for the following purposes is fundamentally excluded:Car racing or similar trips, off-road driving or transporting hazardous substances.

6.5  Smoking in the vehicle is prohibited.

6.6  The renter assures that his driving license has not been revoked or temporarily revoked and that there is no driving ban.

6.7  The renter assures that he will not drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

6.8  Subletting the vehicle is not permitted.



  • 7 Damage to use, repairs

7.1  The tenant is entitled to carry out small maintenance or repairs himself (e.g. replacing a light bulb) or to have them carried out by a specialist workshop without the landlord’s prior consent. After presenting the invoice and/or any replaced part, the landlord will reimburse the tenant for the costs, unless the tenant caused the defect himself through misconduct (e.g. operating error). The tenant’s workload when carrying out the repairs or repairs themselves will not be reimbursed.

7.2  If the renter discovers a defect in the vehicle that significantly limits the usability of the vehicle and requires major repairs, he must notify the rental company immediately.If the defect cannot be remedied immediately through a short-term repair, both contracting parties have the right to terminate the contract without notice.The tenant remains obliged to pay the agreed rent until the defect occurs.

7.3  The tenant can reduce the rental price proportionally for the duration of the impairment of use due to technical defects and/or repairs, provided the impairment of use was not caused by the tenant’s misconduct (e.g. operating errors).


  • 8 Behavior in traffic accidents, liability

8.1  If the renter is involved in a traffic accident, damage caused by wild animals, fire or similar while using the vehicle, he or she must immediately ensure that the accident or damage is recorded by the police. The tenant must also provide the landlord with a written accident report, if necessary with an accident sketch; the tenant must also record the names and addresses of those involved and witnesses in writing.

8.2  The statutory liability rules apply. The tenant is not liable if the landlord obtains compensation for the damage caused from the other party in the accident, other third parties involved in the accident or from the existing comprehensive insurance or otherwise.


8.3  The renter is liable for all damage to the vehicle resulting from operating errors, overuse or violation of other obligations under Section 7 of this contract during the rental period. The renter is equally liable for damage culpably caused by his relatives, workers, employees, passengers or other third parties who came into contact with the vehicle through the renter, to the extent that he culpably fails to enforce any claims for compensation from the renter The landlord’s necessary findings regarding the person and the matter can be established conclusively.The renter is also liable if the damage is only discovered after the vehicle has been returned.In this case, the landlord must prove that the vehicle was not operated by him or a third party in the meantime.

8.4  Compliance with existing regulations and laws, in particular the road traffic regulations, while using the vehicle is the sole responsibility of the renter.The tenant releases the landlord from all fines, warnings, fees or other costs that the authorities levy against the landlord as a result of such violations.

8.5  If damage is discovered when the vehicle is returned that was not listed in this contract or in the handover protocol, it will be assumed that the renter is responsible for the damage, unless he proves that the damage was already present when the vehicle was taken over of the vehicle has passed.



  • There are no special agreements or additional agreements and must be recorded separately in writing



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